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Pet Deshedding Glove

Pet Deshedding Glove

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Stop all that excess hair from getting everywhere with this gentle and super easy to use deshedding glove!

Nothing says "I love you" more than the deep cleaning massage of a real human hand combined with the special cleaning tips of this silicone glove. Hair, dust and dirt from even the deepest coat layers all stick to the surface like a magnet. Then, when you're done brushing, simply peel the layer of hair off the glove!

  • Hair sticks to glove — simply peel and toss
  • Features more than 175 silicone grooming tips, which are more gentle than metal bristles
  • Easily contours to reach places hair hides, such as behind legs, under the chest, in their tails and around their face
  • Guaranteed to minimize shedding
  • Mimics real human touch for a special, loving massage
  • Silicone surface attracts hair, dirt and debris, loosening from the skin and sticking to the glove like a magnet
  • Great for all sizes and breeds of cats and dogs
  • Also great for baths!


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